I actually cringe when I read that on plaques and posts because it sounds a lot like a complaint about the status quo.  If you have a dream, you’ve gotta chase it!  I grew up around parents, aunts and uncles that ‘got after it.’  They worked with their hands, created businesses and tried new things.  Even their failures were chalked up to at least trying.  So, therein lies my inspiration for taking on projects, trying new things and just gettin’ after it.  I don’t know what your “it” is, but here is mine:   have a freelance career.  I want to pursue intend on being a writer, a professional organizer, a blogger, a decorator and an overall entrepreneur.   This summer,  in pursuit of this dream,  I decided to start buying inexpensive furniture to refinish and sell.  I bought a coffee table for my personal use and am very satisfied with the results.  I was so proud of my “wheeling and dealing” when I bought the table.  It was listed for $60.  I offered $50, and voila, I have a new, well, technically not new, but it is my first, coffee table.  Take a look at the before and after photos.

coffee table project
coffee table project


While I was shopping for this coffee table, I noticed a few others that might be good for resale.  I brought one home last night!  Its going to be my first business transaction!  (If it sells.)  I will post about it as I refinish it and list it for sale.

Until next time,