Remember when “dude” was a popular expression that took on different meanings depending on how you said it?  Well, in Texas, the saying, “I’ll tell you what”, declares pride, authority, or a matter of fact.  It replaces “once upon a time” as you take a trip down memory lane.   It can be used at the beginning or the end of a thought, and it even stands on its own…think Hank Hill.   It provokes childhood memories and thoughts of relatives that makes my heart smile.  And as I’m writing, I realize it’s a phrase you grow into.  You’ve gotta have some wisdom under your belt to back it up.   So, in my middle age, I’ll tell you what:

~Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

~Joy does not equal happiness.

~Laughter is great medicine.

~You can’t use the saying “pick your battles” to avoid battle.

~Superiority is rooted in inferiority.

~Your strengths lie within your weaknesses.

~If at all possible, you should say yes when a friend wants to spend time with you.

~You don’t have to like everyone.

~Love isn’t always warm and fuzzy.

~Drama is in the eye of the beholder.

~I can’t stand the word “drama”.

~Comfort isn’t everything.

~You gotta play in order to be in the game.

~You don’t have to wish time away; its already passing.

~Beauty fades.

~Wanting to be understood is not the same as wanting people to like you.

~Feelings are meant to be expressed.

~It’s never too late.

Until next time, I’ll tell you what.   😉