It’s been a hard week, y’all.  I resigned from my job as a teacher.  I’m still in shock.  So, I know my students, their parents and my colleagues are probably still wondering what just happened.  At least that’s what I assume.  I have been a bit fearful of going up to the school to turn in my keys and gather my personal items because I have really upset some people.  That wasn’t my intention.  I really did make the best decision that I could, and my ultimate goal was to put my students first.  You just always hope when you make a decision that affects so many people that they will understand.  All that happened on Monday.  Yesterday, which was Thursday, my little family and I went to have family pictures taken at a local park.  It just so happened that one of my colleagues was at the park.  I kinda froze wondering what the conversatoin was going to be like.  To my surprise, my heart was filled with encouragement at these words, “You’re my hero.”  I responded in disbelief, “Seriously?”   Here is why it is so encouraging:  I said til the end that I would always stand up for what I believe is right.  Fighting for what is right has been a lonely and misunderstood road.  To know that my actions made me a “hero” in someone’s eyes made the road a little less lonely.

Until next time