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~I’ve been “documenting” and showing my decorating to the world ( a little world of 2 followers) on my new blog.  It has been so fun!  I guess cause I feel like a part of a community where everyone shares similar interests and goals and just “gets” each other.  It’s also fun because I’m learning and sharpening skills that I’ve been wanting to put to good use for years: writing, designing, and photography.  It stirs my creative passions, and I feel like I’m pursuing my dreams.  That’s what really keeps me going on this blog thing.  It’s the photography aspect that is a thorn in my perfectionist side.  I keep reading on Funky Junk Interior’s blog that a point and shoot camera is all you need, and I believe her.  It’s just that I’m not sure she means the $40 kind.  I have been following her tutorials on taking better photos with the point and shoot, and I have to say, my pictures are getting better.  (Thanks Funky Junk Interiors!)  One of her tips was to read the camera’s manual and learn how to use its features..my $40 camera didn’t come with a manual.  Anyway, I realized that this camera problem is getting bigger in my mind than it really should be.  Then, I was reminded of  something I wrote a couple of years ago about being a perfectionist.  I found it, but I think I’ve shared it with y’all already.  I started scrolling through other writings and stumbled across “The Decorator.”  The entries are all a couple of years old, but they made me laugh out loud or LOL, if you prefer.  🙂  I hope you get a laugh out of it too.  

The Decorator

~I have stayed up until three in the morning decorating.  I arrange, step back and look, rearrange, step back and look again, then move something just a tad. The process goes on for hours, until I feel that my design is perfect.  Then I imagine a scene in which a friend, a realtor, or even better, an interior designer is in my home admiring the décor.  ‘Your home is so beautiful.  Who is your interior designer?’ Then I say, ‘I did it myself.’  They are amazed!

~The other night I stayed up until 4:30 a.m. rearranging the vignette that I had labored over until 3 a.m. earlier this summer.

~I wanted to put out my Fall décor in time for my annual Fall Family Dinner.  I was going to finally plant my container plants.  The geraniums were going to be replaced with mums.  Then I was going to intertwine fall leaf garlands around the pots.  The front porch was going to be warm and welcoming.  Inside, my family would be greeted by perfectly placed ceramic pumpkins and decorative plates with Fall greetings.   Harry Connick Jr. was going to be playing in the background, and their senses were going to be awakened with the savory smell of soup cooking on the stove.  Instead, I waved to my parents at the corner intersection as we were both pulling up to my house at the same time.  I ran in through the garage and started grabbing groceries out of the sea of plastic sacks that my husband placed on the counter.  He didn’t have any luck finding mums, so the geraniums stayed put.  There was neither garland nor pumpkins.  I pulled the tablecloth and acorn vase fillers I had just bought out of my car, and put my mom to work getting the dining room table ready.  My Dad was feeling weak from hunger, so I gave him a jar of olives to hold him ‘til dinner.  In years past, these circumstances would have me completely stressed out.  Not this time.  I knew that my family didn’t expect perfection.  I knew we would still have a good time, and we did.

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