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I’ve always heard that you’re supposed to display like things and collections together for greater impact. So, I’m going to give it a try with my bird decor.  Tell me what you think.

This is the “before” of what I had displayed.  Simple, minimal, PLAIN.

Then, I gathered up my bird stuff and arranged it on the floor.

Next, I tried my hand at an artful display until I finally decided I had a successful “after.”  I still wasn’t happy. It felt to0 dark.  So, I went into the garage and mixed SW Tranquil Aqua, with a little bit of BH&G antique white and a touch of BH&G charcoal gray.  I dry brushed it on the birdcage.  It looked a little purple-ish.  I was going for more of a robin’s egg color.  So, back to the garage.  I mixed some of the Tranquil Aqua and a little water to create a wash.  I applied it, and then used a rub-off technique with a paper towel.









I decided to have fun with the camera and try to get some artistic photos.  My camera is peeking in through the back of the birdcage to the open door on the photo below.  For some reason, this scene makes me think, “I’ll be dadgum.  She really did it.  She’s gone. She’s free.”  Then, I smile knowing “she” is out stretching her wings…soaring to new heights.  I know that’s a lot of sentiment for one little blurry snapshot. But it captures the way I’m feeling these days about my new adventures, and moving on… 

 This is a picture I bought while out browsing one day…can’t remember where, but it was inexpensive.

 This is a mexican folk art picture that my daughter created in art during third or fourth grade.  

 It all came together.  It’s still simple and minimal, but now I think it is more visually interesting.

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