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Whenever I’m cookin’ bacon, like I was this mornin,’  I can’t help but think of my Granny.  She’s no longer living, and I miss her sorely.  Her birthday would be comin’ up in November around Thanksgiving time.  We ( my two sisters, my brother and me) used to go stay at Granny’s house for a week at a time during the summers.  Every morning, she would cook us breakfast to order.  So, all four of us got whatever we wanted.  Can you say spoiled?  Anyway, bacon was an all-time favorite.  As she was cooking it, Granny would ask, “Do you want your bacon crispy or limber?”  (I LOVE my bacon limber to this day.)

Here’s a pic of “the four of us” all grown-up.

We’re not still going to Granny’s house every summer, and now we know how to cook our own bacon. Well, at least the girls do. I’m not sure about my little brother. 🙂   And we also know our Granny loved us. How do you like your bacon?

Until next time,