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Earlier this week, I posted Birds of a Feather and in that post was a picture that ended up “speaking” to me.  

This is what I wrote about this photo, “My camera is peeking in through the back of the birdcage to the open door on the photo below.  For some reason, this scene makes me think, “I’ll be dadgum.  She really did it.  She’s gone. She’s free.”  Then, I smile knowing “she” is out stretching her wings…soaring to new heights.”  Then, later this week, I was replying to a comment on my T.J. Maxx Treasure post, excerpt below:

“My new treasure from T.J. Maxx.  I’ve adopted a love it or leave it policy when shopping.  I have to love something to bring it home.  Reasonable, I think.  So, when I was browsing in T.J. Maxx yesterday, I knew I had to have this pillow.”

 when I had an epiphany.  The comment read, “Lately, I’ve been getting rid of the decor in my home that isn’t my style and bringing in items that really say ‘me’.  As simple as it is, the pillow represents my journey of self-discovery.”  I actually decided that might be TMI for a comment and didn’t send it.

Then, I was writing a reflection about my garden.  I’d like to share it with you.

I lost a lot of plants to the heat and drought this summer.  It grieves me.  If you like to work in the yard, then you understand my grief.  I will hopefully replace what I lost this Fall and hope that we don’t have a hard winter.  I just want my garden to grow.  You know, I believe that this natural world we live in reflects the spiritual world.  We tend to think we can’t see the spiritual world, but I’m starting to think differently.  Let me explain.  I have taken great care to create a beautiful landscape in my yard.  It will flourish for awhile, but then, some elements that are out of my control stop my garden in its tracks.  Even kills it.  There are remnants of a garden left: reminders of what it used to be and promise of what it can be again.  This is a very accurate picture of my soul; my spiritual life.  I’m trying to get off the ground and fly.  I want to bloom where I’m planted.  But I keep getting pruned, or set back by life.  Now, pruning is good for plants.  Otherwise, they get unruly and don’t grow to their fullest.  Is that what my God is doing to me?  Pruning me so that I can live in the fullness of Him; to be who He created me to be? I think so.  And it is painful.  It is discouraging.  It is frustrating.  But now that He has taken the time to show me what He is doing, I think I can take it.

Jesus use to teach in parables; stories that related to the people’s everyday lives; so that they would understand.  I believe He still does.  Do you have any modern day parables to share?

Until next time,