I’ve been excited to show you this project ever since Debbie @ Debbie-Doos announced the magazine copycat challenge.   We’ve had my husband’s childhood toy box for the last several years.  I converted it to a storage bench, but had been hesitant to paint it because I didn’t want to cover up the spots where Matt, his brother and their cousins had written in and on the toy box….as I’ve mentioned, I’m sentimental like that.   But one day as I was flipping through a magazine, I saw this bench and knew  that was what I wanted to do to my bench.  

So, one summer night, I went to the garage, mixed and blended the paints I had on hand, and stayed up painting the bench. The original color of the bench is the wood color that shows through where I sanded.

I was going for more of a look than a copycat.  I’m pleased.  But I am considering going darker on my bench.  I will be sure to update you if I do.
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