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That’s what my thoughts keep going back to as I reflect on last week in blogland.   It can be soooo tempting to get caught up in having the perfectly decorated house, craftiest projects, and the best blog.   Traci over at Beneath My Heart posted more about that last week.  Click HERE to read it.  I kept thinking about Traci’s post after I read it, and I felt a tug on my heart to follow suit.  So, today, I’m going to bare it all :)…my messes and misplaced belongings, because, I’m not perfect.

Here is a picture that I posted of the coffee table I refinished; complete with a cute basket to keep it clutter-free,

and this is a picture of what my table looks like during the day as I work on my blog.  (A girl’s gotta have her home dec magazines, USB port and to-do list handy.)

This is my breakfast room by day,

 and by night.  I call this the “after school” look.

As long as I’m keepin’ it real, look at this faux pax.  Even though it’s temporary, it bothers me.

As if that’s not enough embarassment, take a look at this.  My sink looks like this more often than not.  😦

To my family and friends who think that my house is always clean, are you relieved?  This is today’s “lesson”: as you go about life, please keep from comparing yourself to others, whether it’s in your work, appearance, salary, cars, or homes.   Guard your hearts and minds, loved ones.

Until next time,