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Come into my kitchen.  I have something I want to show you today.

With all of the pictures and posts about chicken wire lately, I was starting to feel a little envious.  Then, last night as we were unloading groceries, I looked over and saw my “canisters” and realized, “Hey, I do have my very own chicken wire!” The realization brought me a sense of pleasure, and I couldn’t wait to post about it.

  Today, I am delighted to show you my chicken wire baskets that I use as canisters; not in the traditional since, though.   I’m not much a of baker, but I sure do love to cook.  So, I turned these baskets into canisters that would serve my purpose.

I am currently storing cutie clementines in the largest basket.  I just love the colorful presentation.

 The middle sized basket holds some kitchen utensils.  Eventually, I plan to collect vintage utensils to display.

The little basket acts as an herb garden.  Well, sorta.  The herb plant is artificial, but the garlic next to the basket is real.  Does that count?

What crumbs?  😉

Even if these baskets were empty, they are very lovely all on their own.  I love the details such as the ball feet,

the wooden handle, (I don’t see any crumbs. Do you?)

the different images,

and of course, the chicken wire.

  I LOVE my chicken wire canisters!  Do your canisters serve for baking or cooking?

The lesson for today is this:  keep function in mind, and decorate according to how you live.

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