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 Who remembers 8th grade homemaking class?  I sure do.   My teacher used to play a motivational tape by Zig Zigler in the background as my friends and I worked together to cook and create.  I remember learning to make funnel cakes and parfaits.  I was so excited about the parfait that I served it to my parents for dessert one night.  They were good sports.  🙂  Right around the end of the class period, we would be finishing up, and The Zig Zigler tape would come to an end.  We’d chime in with him as he declared, “I’ll see you at the top!”   My fondest memory, though,  has to be the peach poplin shorts.


 After days of laboring over the pattern and finally stitching the last seam, I was ready to take my pretty peach shorts up to show the teacher.  I’ll never forget her encouraging words, “They look like you bought them at Foley’s!”

 I went home with a smile on my face that was bright enough to light up the state of Texas.  I couldn’t wait to tell my mom the good news!  Of course, mom agreed.

After reflecting over my experiences in homemaking class, I’d have to say that’s where it all began.  The feelings of joy as I prepared meals, exhilaration after a completed project, and pride in my newfound abilities were all  such positive experiences.  I think this is why I get such great satisfaction from homemaking even today.

There were many times over this past week that my thoughts kept coming back to, “I’m so happy!”   Being home again has been truly fulfilling.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to take care of my family, tap into my creativity and pursue dreams.  For the first time in my life, I’m okay with not knowing what my future holds, and it’s because I’m truly enjoying the journey.

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