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My first copycat inspiration came from my 2011 edition of Christmas with Southern Living.  I was flipping through the book looking for inspiration for a table setting when I saw this.

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I considered all of the elements to their tablescape: the chargers, white plates and holiday dessert/salad plates.  I thought, “I have everything except the decorative holiday plates”.  Then, a light bulb came on, and I remembered the plates that my 3rd grade class made and gave me as a wedding gift.

ceramic plate, craft, christmas tree, place setting, table, holiday, decor, Christmas

The gold chargers and napkins were still on the table from the Fall table setting.

 I took the napkins out of the rings and pressed and folded them to look like the napkins in Southern Living’s table setting.  I got out my white melamine plates from Target and started layering.  I’m pleased with the end result.

table, dining room, place settings, decor, holidays, Christmas, decorative plates, charger plates

holiday, decor, Christmas, plates, place setting, dining, home, decor

My second copycat is one that I started years ago when I saw this picture in a magazine.

christmas, holiday, hurricane, candles, berries, garland, apples, greenery, centerpiece, vignette

It was a feature by P. Allen Smith complete with directions.

This budget-minded girl was inspired!  So, I went on a nature hunt and gathered pinecones, berry branches, and pine needles from the yard.

The only purchase I made was the hurricane vases.   I got them very inexpensively at Garden Ridge.  I’d say that I’ve really stretched those dollars since I still use the same vases.  Still to this day, I have not found a budget-friendly tray that is big enough to hold three hurricane vases.  Hmmm, I just had visions of pallets dancing in my head.  

Anyway,  every year since , I have created some version of this for my holiday decorating.   This year, instead of going on a nature hunt, I tore apart artificial ponsettias and created  two very simple versions; one in the dining room, and one on the coffee table.

hurricane, vases, candles, ponsettias, poinsettas, red, white, home decor, holiday

You can adapt this for the Fall as well.  (Think pumpkins, gourds, …)

In other news, I’m getting ready to host my very own link party.  In keeping with the classroom theme of my blog, this will be a party where you can Show &  Tell your crafts, projects and home decor.  Check out the details and get ready to join me THIS Wednesday, December 7th!!! 

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