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The tree has to be my favorite Christmas decoration in my home.  My tree is trimmed with all kinds of ornaments from traditional

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santa pin, ornament, christmas tree, artificial, pre lit, holiday, decor

to not so traditional.   Actually, this is pretty much the only non-traditional ornament I have, but every ornament  makes it onto the tree.  They all have a way of coming together and making each other look pretty. Y’all know what I mean?

decor, holiday, christmas, tree, ornamment

These winter branches that I bought from Kirklands a few years ago are making their debut in the tree this year.  In years past, the branches were in a vase on the mantel.  In this picture, you can also see the ribbon that flows down from the top.

branches, tree, christmas, ornaments, decor,

 My ornaments range from one to twenty plus years old.  Isn’t that something?  Being the sentimental one that I am, I really enjoy strolling down memory lane as I unwrap each ornament.

Everything from handmade ornaments from my love when she was little,

framed photo, ornament, tree, decor, holiday, Christmas

even the paintbrush Santa with a missing eye,

kid, craft, ornament, decor, tree, holiday, Christmas

and teacher’s gifts from years past,

craft, Christmas, handmade, ornament, tree, holiday, decor

ornament, Christmas, tree, decor, holiday

old world, santa, ornament, decor, tree, Christmas, holiday

to keepsakes from treasured traditions, like the ornaments we get from Aunt Becky every year,

old world, hand crafted, ornament, Christmas, tree, holiday, decor

angel, ornament, tree, Christmas, traditional, holiday, decor

and the little angel my niece picked out just for me when she was small,

angel, ornament, tree, Christmas, holiday, decor

all brighten my face with a smile as I try to find the perfect spot to hang them on the tree.

The only thing I bought this year were some small ball ornaments from Target.  They cost $4 or $5 dollars for about 30 or 40 balls.  I’m 43.  My mind gets lost in the details 😉  There are an assortment of designs like polka dots and this one with the star,

ornament, decor, tree, holiday, Christmas

and some solid ones, too.  I really like the textured print on the solid balls.

ornament, decor, tree, holiday, Christmas

We are really enjoying our tree this year.  Of course, we enjoy it  most  when its all lit up in the evening.tree, artificial, prelit, holiday, Christmas, decor

Oh, Christmas tree.

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