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I ran into Marshall’s Home Goods the other day to get just one thing: a globe for my Dad’s Christmas present.  There wasn’t much time to spare.  I had about an hour to get in and get out.  I certainly got the most out of that hour!

Not only did I find the globe I was looking for, but I also got this chair.

I instantly liked it for the tufts, the fabric and the curved lines,

as well as the fact that the stain on the legs of the chair matches my bedroom furniture.

So, I snatched it up!  I know what it’s like to admire something and it be gone when I go back for it.  I wasn’t going to take that chance again.  Of course, the price was right or it would still be at Marshall’s. 😉

That’s not all!  I also really liked this magnetic memo board.  So, I got it, too.

Anything with script on it grabs my attention.  I also liked the soft color palette.  Oh, and the best part is that later that day when I was browsing the latest issue of Ballard’s catalog, I saw what looked to be the exact same memo board!  SCORE!

Both of these great finds are now gracing my master bedroom.

I paired the chair with the mirror that was above the mantel in my family room.  Now I’m looking for the perfect little side table to complete this corner.

After rearranging all of the art in my master bedroom, I was able to create a space for the memo board.  I’ve heard it said, that if you really like something, you will find a place for it.  I agree.

It feels like a new room.  Love it!  I have a few more things to do in my master bedroom.  Then, I’ll give you a full tour.

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