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Good morning.  Come on in.

christmas decor, wreath, christmas tree, d.i.y.

prelit Christmas tree, Christmas decor, holidays, d.i.y.

nativity scene, foyer, holidays, christmas, decor

Mmmmm, I can smell the cookies.  Excuse me a minute while I check to see if they’re ready.

Christmas with Southern Living cookbook, kitchen decor, tea towel, holiday decor, Christmas

Run, run, as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me.  I’m the Gingerbread Man.

(Oh no, he didn’t!)

 He just took off through the kitchen.

santa, dish, vase, holiday decor, Christmas, wine corks

southern living, Christmas, cookbook, kitchen, decor, holidays, entertaining, meal

ornaments, balls, cake stand, kitchen, decor, holidays, Christmas

Well, he’s not in there.  Where could he be?  Maybe in the dining room.  Let’s go see.

holiday, dining, table, setting, entertain, meal, cook, serve, Christmas, gold chargers, decorative plates

nutcracker, vignette, centerpiece, ornaments, candy tin, place settings, entertain, holidays, meal, cook, Christmas

artificial tree, homemade, craft, candy, tin, table, dining, room, decor, Christmas, holiday

nutcrackers, mirror, wreath, centerpiece, dining, home, decor, holiday, Christmas

ponsettia, berries, printable, carolers, frame, picture, d.i.y., wreath, Christmas, holiday

scrabble, tile, decor, home, holiday, Christmas

Nope, not in there.   Perhaps he’s hiding in the family room, where the stockings were hung with care.

stocking, initials, mantel, garland, decor, home, holiday, Christmas, candle, pinecones, ornaments

mantel, stocking, holiday, Christmas, Walmart, ornament, garland, scented,pinecone

ponsettias, poinsettas, candle, hurricane, vase, filler, wreath, holiday, Christmas

piano, sheet music, silent night, holiday, Christmas, songs, carols,

 Whew!  I give up!  That Gingerbread man has taken us all through the house.  Yet, he’s still no where to be found.   Let’s just sit down and visit.  He’ll eventually come back around.

Merry Christmas!

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