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That’s carrying on as in moving forward, but also carrying on as in cuttin’ up, misbehaving, acting silly. I can explain. At least that is what I was thinking when my daughter walked in on me painting the kitchen in my bra and sweatpants in the wee hours of the morning. You know that feeling you get when someone is looking at you? Well, I was doing a little test painting in the kitchen when I had that feeling. So, I turned around to see my daughter standing there, stopped in her tracks, smiling and asking, “Why, are you painting in just your bra, Mom?”  By now, my family is very used to me doing projects at all hours of the day and night. It was the bra part that caught her off guard.

So, back to my explanation. I had splattered paint on my most comfy sweatshirt. In an effort to salvage it as wearable in public, I decided to take it off, rinse the paint out and spray it with stain remover. However, I wasn’t finished with my test painting. So, I carried on. 😉

Now, for the carrying on as in moving forward part of this story.   I was browsing through either Ballard’s or Sturbridge Yankee’s catalog when I saw the valance made out of a black, floral fabric.  I was determined to find this fabric so that I could make my very own valance for my brand new house.  I learned that it was a Waverly fabric and that JoAnn’s carried it. However, even half-price at JoAnn’s was a little steep for me considering how much fabric I needed. Eventually, I found an affordable price at online fabric store. So, as you can imagine, I took great pride in sewing not only the valances, but my very first, and only, window cushion.

The day came that they were ready to install. Instant disappointment. One, I hadn’t visualized them being so short on the windows. It left a lot of white blind showing. Two, I had fallen out of love with the fabric. Sigh.

So, four years later, I’m still living with these window treatments because I made them. The night that I was test painting, I was trying to see if a lighter paint would cheer up the look in the breakfast room.

Here’s my test paint area and the waverly valances. (Sorry, no pics of me in my bra.)

This pic was taken the next day after I had  purchased those BH&G cafe tiers from Walmart;  hoping to draw attention away from the heavy black. In the end, I took down the waverly curtains and exchanged those cafe curtains.

I’m giving myself a little time to live with the redo.  I absolutely loved it the first night.  Now, I’m starting to question if I really like it.  What’s wrong with me?  Please tell me you’ve been through this.

If all stays the same, I will reveal the breakfast room redo in a few days.

Until next time,