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Well, kids, I believe it has been a week since I shared with you that I was ready to change out my breakfast room curtains. It was hard for me to make the decision to take them down because, as I mentioned, they were a labor of love.  If you remember, though, I fell out of love almost as soon as they were hung.  They look cheerier in this photo than in real life.

As you probably recall, I tried to make them work by seeing if a lighter color on the walls would help.

 Agh..looking at this makes me want to gag. 

A very good thing came out of that topless night: I realized how much I love the original color on my walls.   So, I covered over my test paint area with the original color (SW Ivoire).   This time, I managed to keep on all of my clothes.  😉

I am just tickled to death at the new look of my breakfast room!  Now that it is all bright and cheery, the room finally lives up to its purpose, and I have a room that says “good morning”.

 I’ve kept you waiting for a week…so without further ado…

I ended up going with these cafe valances and tiers by Better Homes & Gardens.  I love everything about them; including the price!

Here’s a closer peek at the details. I kept hoping the wrinkles would just fall out.  Looks like I will need to iron, or give them a little smoothing with Downy wrinkle releaser. That stuff works.

While I was at it, I went ahead a played around with the accessories and decor in this room; taking stuff out, bringing things in from other rooms, and making a few inexpensive purchases.  Would you like to look around?

I brought this diy chalkboard in from the dining room.  I wrote the winter phrase on there while it was still in the dining room.  I plan to erase it and use the board for weekly menus.

 To the right of the chalkboard and sunflowers, I hung this magnetic memo board that I just bought at Marshall’s HomeGoods a  few weeks ago.  You might remember me showing it to you then.  Anyway, I just love it in the breakfast room.

I hung up the photos taken last Easter of my daughter and her cousins .   The pictures couldn’t be more fitting for this room, and I love that they add a personal touch.  I like to add sentimental decor whenever possible.  Here’s a closer look at the “cousins in the chicken coop.”

Precious memories!

That was the left wall of the room.  Now, panning around to the back wall, I think the weathered wood accent table fits this wall space perfectly.  It is sitting under a rooster picture I got for Christmas.  I also set my little rooster bowl on top.  I bought the table at Kirklands...hmmmmm, maybe this past summer and was using it in the living room.  I want to add a lamp here, too.  oooh, I just realized what lamp I can use!  Love lightbulb moments!!

Now, looking around to the right… I sewed the pillow four years ago to go with the old curtains.  So, after everything was hung and I realized the rooster pillow matched, he got to stay!  I was so excited about that, y’all!

 I set it in the corner of the window seat with one of my new treasures.  Do you see it?

I bought the chicken wire caddy at Ross the other day.  I really scored that day.  I got this caddy, two lamp shades and a set of 3 white pitchers all for $32 and some change.  Okay, let me get back on track.  I’m tellin’ ya, I get so easily sidetracked that I must have ADD.

This sunshine plaque sits in the other corner of the window seat.

My Mom bought it for me as a house warming gift when we first moved into this house.  She said it reminded her of me.  Awwww.  

Last on the tour is this wall art..

 My in-laws bought it for me as a wedding gift after I had admired it in a shop in Old Town Spring.  That was fourteen years ago.  Here is a closer look at the Lord’s Prayer.

So intricate.  It hangs on a small wall that divides the breakfast area from the kitchen.  I’ll be showing you the kitchen soon.

Be sure to check back in two weeks when I reveal the vignette on the sideboard.  I’m saving it for Debbiedoo’s Magazine copy cat challenge on the 23rd.  I can’t wait to show it to you.  It makes the room!

For now, I’ll leave with a side by side look at the breakfast room before and after.

Until next time,


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