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One of my goals this year is to let go.   I took a pretty big step with that goal in the breakfast room when I took down the curtains I made.    Now, I’m taking another step towards that goal by letting go of my romantic notions about having a guest room.  I am in love with the idea of it, but I don’t need it.  For the last four years, we’ve had our 3rd bedroom double as a teen lounge/guest room.  The daybed functioned as both seating and a guest bed, but it took up a lot of space.

The other part of this letting go equation involved my daughter’s room.  When we first moved into this house, I thought the best room for her was the one that was furthest from the Master bedroom.  Well, she spends most of her time in the guest room/lounge.  She also has decided that her room is creepy.  Being the nurturing mother that I am, I took advantage of her frightened state of mind, and offered for her to switch rooms.  (I’d been wanting to do this for a year or two, but she never would go for it.)  I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed this time!

So, I’ve been busy taking down beds, moving furniture, and designing new spaces.   I’m very excited about this project.  Taking into account our budget, what we already have, and my “client’s” vision for her new room, I created this design board.

The girl really does have a good sense of style, design and color.  Most of the choices were hers.  The room is coming along and I hope to have it ready to show you by early next week.

Her old room will become a teen lounge, and the daybed isn’t making the cut.  I’ll share more about the plans for that room in another post.

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