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This past fall, when I decided to leave teaching to stay at home, I was determined to make it work financially.

Needless to say, I’ve started “coupon-ing”.  My husband has gone with me on a few of my coupon-ing adventures, and he gets just as excited as I do about the savings.  I’ve actually saved up to 25% on a couple of trips…according to some…that’s Extreme Coupon-ing.

Now, I know extreme coupon-ers say that you  have to start menu planning according to what is on sale.  I’ll just tell ya, I can’t go that far.  However, this week there is a coupon for Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce and Sara Lee buns…that is something we like to keep on hand for a quick meal.  So, I’ll be clippin’ that one.
“They” also say that you need to drop your loyalty to what brands you use.  While I have tried and even switched to some new brands through this experience, there are some brands I’m not willing to give up.  But, I’m not particular about what brand of batteries I buy. So, I stock up on those coupons; especially since my digital camera goes through batteries like crazy.  And we bloggers know how important it is to be camera ready. 🙂


There are almost always coupons for yogurts, spaghettio’s and cinnamon rolls… all of which we stock up on for a quick breakfast, after school snack, or an after dinner treat.   So, into the coupon binder they go.

My usual source for clipping coupons is  krazycouponlady.com .  It’s a one stop shop for all of your coupon needs.

But, just last week, I discovered the Escalate Network on the Picket Fence Blogs directory and figured, “why not?”  So, I signed up to be an affiliate.  The approval process was very quick and simple.  If you are interested in looking into Escalate Network, you can click on their widget on my sidebar under networks.

I know many of you are budget minded like me.  So, one of the offers that I chose to display on my blog is the coupon.com widget found under affiliates.  If you click on that widget, it should take you to all of their coupons and you can select and print any coupon you want.  Did you know that many stores let you combine manufacturers coupons with their store coupons?  Cha-ching!!  

Happy coupon-ing, and I hope you save lots of money!

Until next time,