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We have a cat.  Blackie, the gray tabby cat.  🙂  My daughter named  him when she was only 6…we tried to steer her in other directions, like Smokey, but no, his name would be Blackie.  At least that’s more of a pet name than Erik, her first choice.

Blackie has been with us for seven years now and we’ve grown to love him and think of him as one of the family.

However, I canNOT figure out the best place to keep his litter box; considering the inevitable mess that comes from a litter box.

I’ve seen furniture that is supposed to conceal it,


special pet doors that lead directly to the litter box on the other side of the wall in the garage,


covered boxes,


homemade boxes…


One of those might work for concealing the box, or even keeping the mess to a minimum, but will they solve problem of the occasional “missed” the litter box tinkle?  Maybe I should try the homemade litter box…???

I’m wondering if this tip from Ask Anna about how to get rid of the “boy smell” in your bathroom would work on getting the “cat smell” out of your pet area.

Are any of you cat owners?  Where do you keep your litter box?  Have you tried any of the above litter boxes?  Pros, Cons?  How do you solve tinkle outside of the box problem?

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