I was really excited when I learned that Brent at Linky Tools created a new way to follow one another, regardless of your blogging platform.  Truth be told, I felt at a disadvantage for not being able to put GFC on my blog.  It seemed to stunt the growth of my blog and, I’m not gonna lie, I want my blog to grow.

Sometimes I do a little soul searching to ask myself, “why?” do I want my blog to grow.  The answer that I always come up with is this:  I love to write and I want to feel like I am writing for someone other than myself.

Also, I love the sense of community that comes from having readers and blog friends.  And, the comments and feedback that I get from my readers not only builds relationships, and I get a charge from being with people, but it also goes a long way in encouraging me.

But the main reason that I want readers is that I feel a call on my life to encourage women in their daily lives.  As I get older, I realize that I can now be a bit of a mentor to my younger friends and an encourager to my peers.  Encouragement and Hospitality are my God given gifts.  If I can invite you into my world and encourage you in the process, then I feel like I’m exercising those gifts in an honorable way.

All of this to say, that Brent with his creation of Linky Followers and with his diligence in making sure wordpress bloggers can host linky parties, has helped me to continue and grow my vision.  So, in appreciation and with gratitude, I have joined in on the awesome linky followers party hop that started with Cheri at It’s So Very Cheri.

I cannot install the actual blog hop on here due to wordpress restrictions with javascript. But, here is the party button and a link to the party.

The party is happening here.

Until next time,