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I’ve been interested in photography as a hobby since I was a teenager.  I took a photojournalism class in high school and I remember all of the basic terms, but even then, I didn’t really grasp what an Fstop was. Back then,  I also used to own a nice 35 mm camera with different lenses and take nature photos as often as possible…all that fell by the wayside once I started college.  And I no longer have a 35 mm camera.

I was excited to see that Aimee at It’s Overflowing is doing a photography series.  Catherine at Stone and Rose has been following the series and posting her photos as she practices what Aimee is teaching.  I’ve been following along with Stone and Rose trying to pick up a few tips from her as she explains Aimee’s lessons.  Following me?

Aaanywaay, I decided to see if I could apply these lessons to my point and shoot camera.  I’ve figured out how to get off of Auto.  I found the ISO setting and came across White Balance.  I don’t quite know what white balance is, but I think it’s relevant.  So, I change the settings up as I take pictures in different lighting situations.

I don’t know how to manually control F stop/aperture or metering on a point and shoot.  So, I made it up as I went along by focusing in on different parts of the setting I was photographing.

I’ve only had one practice session so far, and I thought I would share those photos with you today.

I had increased the ISO in all photos anywhere from 400 to 1600 depending on the light in the room.  However, the higher the ISO number the grainier the picture will be.  Just a tidbit of information to keep in mind.

I think increasing the ISO really helped in the dining room which is really hard to photograph.

And in the flower photo, my focus was on the frog lid which softened the focus on the leaves a little bit.   I really want to figure out how to get a more dramatic depth of field.

This has been really fun and I’m looking forward to more practice sessions.  Can’t wait for the blubonnets to bloom…they will make for a great subject!

Now that I’m picking up photography again, I can sense a DSLR in my future. Well, on my wish list anyway.

Until next time,