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I’ve been giving this some thought ever since the hostesses of this party first posed the question: What do I want my blog to be when it grows up?  

This blog began after several months of ignoring the quiet voice inside me that kept repeating, “start a blog.”   (If I keep talking about hearing voices, y’all are going to start to question my sanity ;). ) I had no idea what it would look like and spent FOR.ever trying to come up with a name.  I admit that while I didn’t 100 % love the name, it stuck because something about it resonated with me.  Only now, as I have finished my first series, is the name of my blog starting to make sense to me.

During these last several months, I felt like I was just wandering around aimlessly as I transitioned from working full-time to being at home.   There have been lots of thoughts of throwing in the towel on my blog.  Honestly, I questioned if blogging was the best use of my time.  I prayed for direction on how I should be spending my new found time and over the past week or two, my prayers have been answered.  I’m very thankful for this renewed sense of purpose and the peace that comes with it.  And so, Mrs. Hines’ Class will continue.  And as it grows,

~I want my blog to be more about you, my readers, and less about me.  


What do I mean by that?  I want this blog to encourage you, inspire you, and challenge you.  I want this blog to be life giving.  In other words, when you come here, I want you to leave feeling refreshed and replenished.  I hope that you feel warmly welcomed every time you visit and genuinely appreciated not as a reader, but as a person and as a friend.  Simply put, I want my blog to be hospitable.

~Another desire is that I wouldn’t hurry  the growing process.


 I have been so guilty as a mom of always having my eye on the next stage and not really taking the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of each stage as we were in it.  I sometimes look at my daughter’s baby pictures with regret.

While I was still teaching, at the end of every school year, I would reflect back over the year and wish for more time with my students; hoping that this time, I would be able to enjoy the process more.

 My blog is 7 months old.  With each passing month, I get more excited at the prospect of the 1 year milestone.  That’s okay as long as I can enjoy the journey between now and then.

~I’d really like to buy my domain and lose the .wordpress part of the URL address.


 It just seems like a wise investment to make since I plan on blogging for years to come and have hopes of future growth.

~A very big goal I have in mind for this blog as it grows, is that it open doors for me to pursue other creative outlets-even if the only door is one of courage to pursue lifelong dreams.  


I’ve always dreamed of a being a mult-faceted free lance artist.  One where I get paid to help people decorate or organize their homes.   And which includes being a contributor to magazines and even writing a book.  And in this free-lance dream, I am also a public speaker.  Photography plays a role in my dream too…just not sure what role.

Here’s to dreams!

~While I have several more ideas of what I want my blog to be when it grows up, the one that stands out the most is a word:  partnership.


I’d love to have a working partnership with other bloggers.  Perhaps co-hosting, guest posting, bartering, dialoguing, sharing….whatever opportunities arise.  I have a feeling they might be bigger than I can imagine. That’d be alright with me!

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