I cannot find my USB cord.  I’ve looked everywhere and have no recollection of where I last put it.  I do remember thinking, “this is a good place to keep the cord.  Hope I remember where I put it when I need it again.”  UGH!!  This is driving me crazy cause I have stuff to show y’all.  In the mean time, here’s a little story.

I don’t shave my legs every day in the winter.  So, it had been a couple of days and  I was ready to shave but I realized I was out of blades.  Well, that was at night right as I was getting into the shower.  Obviously, I wasn’t going to the store just then.

The next night, which was last night, I went to Walmart and bought some replacement blades.  When I got home, I realized that I bought the wrong blades.  I planned to exchange them today so as not to be wasteful.

But, because I stayed up all night rearranging my living room (again), I took a long nap today instead of running errands.

Okay, so if you’re tracking time with me, two more days have passed, and I still haven’t shaved.

So, this evening, I sat in the tub and debated…looking back and forth between those blades and my hairy legs.

I decided I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I opened the package of blades, which means I can no longer exchange them, and took out a blade.

Yes, I held the blade the best I could and got to shavin’!  It was soooo worth losing the money.  I feel like a real girl again!

Now, as I imagined telling y’all this story on myself, I pictured y’all being able to relate…even commenting with similar stories of your own. And we’d laugh over our silly, embarrassing stories…just having a good ole girl time.

Well, so, um, this could be really awkward if I don’t hear from y’all.

Until next time,



Keep your fingers crossed that I find my USB cord.