I got tagged by Jen from At Home in the Northwest in a game of Q&A for bloggers.  She has a lovely blog and is an even lovelier person.  I hope you will visit Jen to get to know her a bit if you don’t already.

And now it’s my turn in a little game of Q&A.  I’ll be answering questions that Jen wrote.  Just for fun, let’s pretend I’ve been “discovered” (for what, I don’t know) and am in an interview with a magazine.  We’ll call it AHN…short for Jen’s blog name.

AHN magazine: If you had a spare $1000, on which home decor project would you spend the money?

Mrs. Hines: Well, I would say wood floors, but $1000 doesn’t quite cover it.  So, I would probably hire a painter to paint various cabinetry throughout the house, cause I am nervous about doing it myself.


AHN magazine:  What’s the best book you’ve read in the past year?

Mrs. Hines: I used to devour books when I was a preteen.  Now, my attention span is too short to stick with anything sophisticated.  So, when I read a book, it is typically a novel by Nicholas Sparks or Debbie Macomber.  I love escaping into the lives of their characters.  

AHN magazine:  What is your ideal date with your significant other?

Mrs. Hines:  The setting doesn’t matter as long as we can have a meaningful, intimate conversation in which we share our hopes and dreams and imagine our future together.    With an only child, we are often the subject of her attention.  And our house is small.  So, getting time alone to have an intimate conversation is a real treat.

AHN magazine:  How would you describe your decorating style?

Mrs. Hines:  Messed up.  I’m just kidding.  Based on magazine quizzes it is a mix of Transitional/Traditional/Casual/Cottage.  I guess my first response was pretty accurate afterall. ;).  


AHN magazine:  Why and when did you begin blogging?

Mrs. Hines:  I started blogging waaay back in August.  😉   Linda from It All Started With Paint, said that blogging years is a lot like dog years, in the best way, of course, and I agree.  Even though I’ve only been blogging for several months, it feels more like years.  This blog began as a creative outlet for writing and sharing the process of making my house a home.  I wasn’t expecting the connections with others and friendships, but that has by far been the best part.

AHN magazine:  Do you watch reality tv?

Mrs. Hines:  I sure do.  We watch An Idiot Abroad, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Lamar, Dancing with the Stars, and sometimes Ice Loves Coco.  I used to watch the Real Housewives of Orange County, too, but have lost track of it.  

AHN magazine:  What has been your favorite/best post from your blog in the past year?

Mrs. Hines:  This is going to be an indirect answer…so maybe in this little “I’ve been discovered” fantasy, I am a politician.  Hehe.  Um, but my answer is this: any post where I felt like my voice was true to myself.  When I first got started in blogging, I had a tendency to want to emulate other bloggers. I wasn’t comfortable trying to fit into other’s skin, but I held the notion that these other bloggers held the “key” to growth because they had lots of followers.  I had two followers for a long time.  It wasn’t until I let go of the idea that if I was myself  I’d miss out on the allusive “key”,  that my blog started growing.  And truth be told, I have finally let go of caring about numbers.  I feel so much more freedom now as I write.  I’m much, much happier with a post when it is completely authentic.  Those are my favorite posts.  

AHN magazine:  If you had a free day to shop in a nearby city, which home decor stores would you make sure to visit?

Mrs. Hines:  Well, let’s see.  I live in a suburb filled with great shopping.  I actually would like to visit a nearby town to find some good thrift stores or salvage shops.  I am very excited about my plans to go check out a local hotel liquidator warehouse that I discovered. Any of you local folks want to come with me?


AHN magazine:  When do you blog/How does blogging fit into your day?

Mrs. Hines:  Blogging doesn’t really fit into my day ’cause I can get carried away and stay up all night and into the next day.  Gotta work on that.  I mostly blog late, late at night and schedule my posts to publish in the morning.  Like right now, I’m in bed next to my sleeping husband hoping the clicking of keys and cursors aren’t disturbing his sweet dreams. 

AHN magazine:  In which sports activity do you or would you participate?

Mrs. Hines:  Does leisure sports activity count?  I enjoy going on bike rides.  Although, I don’t do it often enough.  I’d love to take up tennis, too.  I was pretty decent at it in high school.   And if we’re counting spectator sports, I love watching live sports, especially baseball.  

AHN magazine:  What is your favorite decorating trend right now?

Mrs. Hines:  I’m noticing that I tend to really favor industrial style right now…mixed in with some farmhouse.  And cottage style is always a favorite.


And there you have it.  Me.  Summed up in 11 questions.  😉  It was fun answering the questions and playing along.  Thanks Jen!

And thanks to all of you for humoring me with my “being discovered” interview.

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