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The foyer is one of the reasons I fell in love with this house.  I just love having a separate entry area for greeting guests.

Here is the view from the living room.

Some of you may have noticed that the piano is gone.  I managed to move it out on one of my all nighter binges.  😉  I did leave the piano bench in here for now.  I would like to replace the bench with an upholstered, tufted one that has rolled arms.  I’m envisioning placing it on the opposite wall under the window, and putting a slim console table under the gallery wall.   We’ll see if  reality lives up to the vision.

I knew I wanted a basket, but I got the idea to use this picnic basket after seeing A Place 2 Call Home’s foyer tour.  I won the pillow from Wendy at Herballistic Garden.  It has five different embellishments that can easily be changed out with each season.

I still want to play around with accessorizing the bench and basket; perhaps a throw casually laying across the bench and something peeking out of the picnic basket.  Lord knows, I’ll try 20 different looks before I settle on one that will only stay put for about a week; two tops.

I made the shades a few years back.  The color, pattern and style were all inspired by a BHG book filled with window treatment ideas.

I’m funny about putting stuff on the window ledge, but I do love this lantern from WUSLU sitting in the corner.

This area is a segway between the foyer and the living room.

I didn’t get any pictures of the arch in this photo shoot.  Let me check the archives to see if I can find a picture with the arch.

Here we go.  Not only does this picture show the arch, it shows how the decor has changed.  This look was so last summer. 😉

I have plans to change the flush mount ceiling light for a pendant fixture…perhaps with a lantern, carriage light or old school house style light.

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