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Oh, hey! I’m just checking on the plants and flowers out here in the front yard. Come hang out with me.

Oh, wow! Look at all the blooms on the knockout roses.

Yea! I was hoping to catch some day lilies in bloom.

And look at all of these buds!

This is a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see these blooms on the variegated privet.

I see that the bridal wreath spirea is still putting out a few blooms. I wish you could have seen it when it was in full bloom. It was stunning!

This birdbath was a Mother’s day gift many years ago. It’s really a sweet story. My husband and my daughter didn’t realize that I could hear them rustling around outside as they “secretly” set up the birdbath in the yard. Overhearing their excited whispers was just as much a part of the gift as the birdbath.

I really like the vintage style of this hummingbird feeder. I still need to put some feed in it.

I’m glad to see the perennials and annuals doing so well. I can’t wait for them to really fill in.

I just love it out here. It’s one of my favorite places to be, and I’m really glad I got to share it with you today. Thanks for coming over.

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