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The other day while we were relaxing at home Mr. Hines starting playing his guitar.  I LOVE when he plays! So much so that, to borrow words from Ronald Reagan in one of his letters to Nancy, “I ought not put down on paper how we spent the next part of our evening.” Let’s just say I have quite a thing for musicians!

Anyway…Since, I had my phone in my lap, I decided to try and sneak a recording… of him playing. For heaven’s sake, folks! 😉  He busted me from the start, but he thought I was just taking a picture. So, he kept playing, and I kept filming. 😉 You’ll see at the end that he finally realizes what I’m doing.

While I was at it, I decided to pan around the living room and give you a sneak peek at some changes.

I’m working on my summer mantel. I just need that “perfect” piece to set between the two candle sticks which are a new purchase…;) I got them for just 16.99 each at HomeGoods. I love the color of the wood and the overall design. Gorgeous!

The t.v. wall got a complete overhaul; inspired by Pottery Barn. The only purchase so far is the shelf which I also bought at HomeGoods. Since it had some minor defects, I asked them to lower the price, and they did. Hollah! I ain’t too proud to beg. I’m saving the final reveal for Debbiedoo’s next magazine challenge. When will that be, Debbie?

Until next time,