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A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the Mother’s Day Out series.  That first week, we talked about living according to our priorities and last week we filled in the blanks of this sentence: God gave me the pleasure of being a mother, but He also created me to be________and when I _________, I feel His pleasure.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I could fill in those blanks with a few different responses.  I think that is the point.  We are not one dimensional beings, and living a one dimensional life will leave us feeling empty, dissatisfied and maybe even resentful.  When I say that your life shouldn’t be one dimensional, I am not encouraging you to “do it all,”  nor am I saying that motherhood is unfulfilling.  What I am saying is that your identity shouldn’t be wrapped up in one thing, and that one area of your life shouldn’t rob you of other joys in life. This is what I want to discourage or conversely, I want to encourage you to live a full life.

Yesterday, I got to spend Mother’s Day relaxing on the beach.  (The pictures were taken with my cell phone.)

I have to say that I was feeling very blessed yesterday.  Because of this girl,

I have the honor of being a mother.  I love my daughter so much that my heart could burst.  Years ago, my Pastor at the time used to routinely declare that being a mother is the highest calling we can receive.  Amen to that!  Now, if you are not a mother, your calling in life is no less than that of motherhood.  I think what my former pastor meant is that if you are a mother, that is your highest calling.  And accordingly,  my top priorities in life are to be a good wife and mother.

I truly believe one way to do that is to live according to all that God created me to be.  Yesterday as I walked along the shoreline, I asked myself, “what area of my life do I want to see change?”  And my next thought was that I am the key to making that change.  I believe we are largely responsible for our own circumstances.  You can let them control you or you can control them.  I’ve been guilty of letting circumstances rule my life, and in this one area that I’d like to see change, I hear that still quite voice inside saying, “Rise up and walk.”  It’s time to take control of my weight!

I’m going to share more specifics about that area of my life in a future post.  But for now, will you ‘rise up and walk’ with me?   Consider your dreams, goals, and your gifts and talents.  Is there something you can change that would allow you to fulfill your calling to your best ability?

Until next time,