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So far in our Mother’s Day Out series, we’ve talked about living according to our priorities, living according to our purpose and last week I asked you to consider what changes you need to make to fulfill your purpose.  Now, it’s time to take the next step.


With that said, let me say this, we don’t want to be so goal driven that we see our roles in life as interruptions.  I remember when my daughter was little and I was staying home with her, I was determined to have a clean house.  I had read Emilie Barnes’ book on organization, written out chore cards for each day and dutifully worked to cross those chores off of the to-do list.  I felt successful if I could scratch through an item on my list.  So much so, that if I did something that wasn’t on the list, I added it just so that I could cross it off.  Ridiculous, I know.  I’m embarrassed to admit that my sweet little daughter had to follow me around the house as I cleaned in order to spend time with me.  My heart fills with regret when I look at pictures of her when she was little.  And years later, I’m still struggling with dividing my attention, only now her competition is a computer instead of a dust buster.


Not good. So, while I want us to take the next step towards our goals, I don’t want us to go overboard.

I want to share some links to blogs, articles and resources with you that I think can help us keep a healthy balance as we pursue our goals.  First, I want to refer you again to Inspired By Family Living.  You may recall that it is where I found the fill in the blanks exercise we did a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t say enough about this encouraging e-magazine.  It is chock full of tidbits, encouragement, recipes, crafts, etc.  If nothing else, I hope you will the articles in the beYOUtiful Mom series running this month.

I found this second source a few months ago when I stumbled across an article on Pinterest.  The article resonated with me and I wanted to know where it came from.  So, I found the original source for the article at The Power of Moms; a website by moms for moms.  As I browsed around, I was impressed with their mission to help moms become the mother’s and people they want to be. I think you would enjoy reading a couple of recent articles: Moms With a Mission  and Phases of Life and Perspective Gained. Talk abut timing, both of these articles coincide with what we’ve been discussing her in our Mother’s Day Out series.  It is so encouraging to find others who share your passions.   I applied to be an affiliate with Power of Moms because I want you to have access to their resources, groups, workshops and tools.  You can click on the Power of Moms button in this post or on my sidebar.

I do want to disclose that I will be compensated if you buy any of their products through my blog.  But I don’t want that to keep you from getting these resources, so if you prefer, you can go directly to their website, powerofmoms.com.

Today’s post will conclude the Mother’s Day Out series.  I hope you’ve been inspired by it.   You have certainly inspired me as you wrote words of affirmation, encouragement and even shared  your own stories.   I loved spending that kind of time with you.  I feel closer to you for it.  Thanks so much for giving me your Mondays during the month of May.

Until next time,