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About a month ago, I had the privilege of meeting Pamela Finch from the blog From My Front Porch to Yours in real life!   It’s a little surreal to meet  the person behind the blog.  Pamela is very warm and down to earth.  She also has a great sense of humor.  It was a real treat to get to spend the afternoon with her.

There was an instant connection as Pamela and I ooohed and aaaahed over the Pink Ribbon House in Houston.  We took our time in each room to look at all of the details and take mental notes.   As we roamed room to room, I was very taken with the subtle textures and the soothing palette of french inspired grays.  

I love the painted ribbon design on the dining room floors.  The plaster finish on the walls is very smooth to the touch and the dimension that was created with the paint colors is nothing short of gorgeous.  The dining room, like the rest of the house, is so soothing.  I kept telling Pamela, “This house makes me feel so calm.”

For a full tour of the Pink Ribbon House, you can visit Cote de Texas who just wrote a guest post for one of the designers of the home.  You must hop over there to see the photo of the sheer linen shade with the monogram.  It was to die for.

It was a real treat meeting the designers responsible for the first floor of this home. Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Finishes and the interior designer she worked with, Julia Blailock Vobbe of Blailock Design were so friendly and personable.

left to right: Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Finishes, Julia Blailock of Blailock Designs

This was the only photo that I was brave enough to take.  I was so nervous that I rushed the picture, only took one shot and then said, “Oh, that’s great,”  knowing that I needed to get another one.

I felt like I was brushing with greatness.  And I got to take some of that greatness home with me.  Pamela and I both splurged on Leslie’s new book, Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.  Talk about inspiration!

 Ever since I got home that Sunday afternoon, I’ve been trying to recreate the comfortable, relaxed, French essence of the Pink Ribbon House.

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