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For almost five years now, I’ve struggled with what to do with the entertainment wall in my living room.  It has gone through many looks over the years,

but none of them were quite right.

Then one night, I started rearranging…again.   This time was different though.  I went with my gut instincts, and I finally got it right.   But, then I was left wondering what in the world I was going to do to fill all that blank space above the t.v.

Lo and behold, the Pottery Barn catalog arrived in the mail that same week.  I sat down and started flipping though the pages when I saw this.

That’s what I’ll do!  So, I took down the gallery wall in my entry and brought all of the pictures in the living room.  I laid them out on the floor to come up with an arrangement like the one in my inspiration photo.

I am loving the new look.

You can’t even tell which design is Pottery Barn and which is mine.  I’m TOTALLY kidding.

Until next time (when I change the wall again 😉 ),


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