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Last week, Wednesday slipped up on me, but this week, I kept think thinking that Tuesday was Wednesday.  I nearly panicked when I looked at the clock and thought that we had plumb forgot my daughter’s tumbling lesson, and then breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized that I was a day ahead.  I guess that’s what happens when making lunches and setting the alarm clock are put on pause for Summer. 🙂

I love the long, lazy days and a more relaxed pace that summer brings.  With that in mind, I’m going to pause Show & Tell for the Summer .  I have some fresh ideas in the works for the Fall that I look forward to sharing with you.

I have something else I want to share with you today.  Every ]uly, I get so inspired as I pore over the festive pages in the latest edition of Christmas with Southern Living.

Do any of y’all get this book?  It is filled with ideas for decor, holiday meals, crafts,  and gift wrap.  And every year, I resolve to have a Christmas in July party.   I imagine chit-chatting over the hum of sewing machines, exchanging tried and true holiday recipes, cutting and glueing cute crafts and taking the perfect family photo for this year’s greeting card.  Well, dadgummit, I’m going to make it happen this year, but it will be a virtual party.  I’m looking for help hosting a Christmas in July Blogger Block party.

I’d like to have a host for each of these themes:

homemade gifts/crafts/gift wrap: sharing ideas for gifts that we can make ourselves and that won’t break the budget…anything from coupon books to redeem for services, to baked goods, to crafts. (When I was little I made my mom a jewelry tree out of a toilet paper tube and sticks, and I made my Dad a tie rack from a wooden hanger and cup hooks…he got the better end of that deal.)  

greeting card photos: sharing our holiday card photos from past or present.  It’d be a great motivator for getting this year’s photo ready.  We could also have a little fun with this one and share our funny/embarassing holiday photos.

holiday fare: sharing our favorite holiday recipe from cocktails to appetizers to dinner 0r even breakfast

and Jennifer from Laughter and Grace has volunteered to host the cookie exchange a link party where we all share our favorite holiday cookie recipe 

Of course, I’m open to other ideas or adapting my suggestions.  Here’s something to get your creative juices flowing.

The goal of the party is to have fun, inspire and give us all a head start on the holidays.  So, who wants to host with me?!

until next time,