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Last week, I found a link party over at From My Grey Desk, called High Five for Friday where you share five things “that make you go hmmm”, no wait, wrong era, wrong platform.  You share five things that you’re enjoying in life.

So, here’s my “high five” for Friday.

1.  Routinely finding myself falling asleep with a smile of contentment on my face.  Are things perfect?  No. But I certainly can’t complain, and I’m just so grateful for what I do have.  The rest just doesn’t matter.

2.  Curling up with a soft, fuzzy blanket in a pillowy leather chair to read a good book.  I’m currently reading 8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie McComber.

3.  Iced tea.  Sweetened, of course.  It’s my favorite beverage.  Not to be confused with my favorite soda, Dr. Pepper.  Apples and oranges, ya know.

4.  Having a rich cultural heritage.  I’m a born and raised, 3rd generation Texan.  I love that we have our own tell-tale drawl, and that we’re “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” kinda folks.  I love that Texan’s don’t back down from a challenge.  My heritage explains a whole lot about my feisty, stubborn character.   😉  I have a great appreciation for the combination of southern social graces and southwestern flare that is Texas culture.  I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that, as cliche as it sounds, I’m proud to be a Texan.

5. Home cooked meals.  Cooking for my family is one of the most satisfying things I do.  I love the creative process.  I love serving a hot meal that has been prepared by my hands.  I love using my kitchen.  My home most feels like a home when I’m cooking.  It doesn’t get better than that.

What are you enjoying right now?

Until next time,