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I finally got around to trying the d.i.y. shower cleaner that I pinned a while back.

Every one swore by it.  Said their showers had never been cleaner or shinier.  Sounds like a winner to me.  So, I got my supplies together.

I followed the directions from the original source.

Well, except for the part where you’re supposed to microwave the vinegar til it’s hot.  I got mine a little too hot.

 I was starting to wonder if a d.i.y. cleaner was even worth it.  But, I was really curious to see if it worked as well as ‘they’ say; especially on my teen daughter’s shower.  She is responsible for cleaning her own bathroom,

but we have different standards on what is considered “clean.”

I also used the cleaner on my bath tub and shower.  It did a great job of shining up my glass shower enclosure and bringing some sparkle to the faucets.  I can see why people like it so much.

But I will say that I don’t think the tubs or shower walls are any cleaner than with my usual tub and shower cleaner.

And I much prefer the smell of Clorox to the strong amonia smell of this cleaner.  I thought I was going to have to leave the house, it was so strong.  Maybe I created that problem by boiling the vinegar.  I don’t know, but after having “pin there and done that,” I’m going to stick to my usual cleaning routine.

If you have tried this cleaner, I’d love to hear about your experience.  Maybe you can talk me into trying it again.

Until next time,