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I have never been able to travel with just a carry-on bag.  To be honest, I never tried.  But saving a few bucks on checking luggage motivated us to learn how to get all our stuff into one small bag.

Enter Pinterest.

I had seen this tip a while back and pinned it for this very occassion.  Following the flight attendant’s guidance in the NY Times article,  I chose several mix and match clothing pieces to carry me through seven days.

I packed:

3 pair of shorts

2 pair of casual pants

1 skirt

7 shirts

1 sweater for the cooler weather in the evenings

3 pair of shoes

2 pair of pajamas

1 set of earrings

1 bracelet



As the article suggests, I rolled all of my garments, packed my shoes around the perimeter of my carry-on bag and tucked in the rest of the essentials.

It was a tight squeeze and zipping the bag brought me back to the days when I had to zip up my skin tight jeans by laying on the bed, suck in and pull up the zipper with all my might.

But we saved some money, and it was really nice having all of my stuff with me on the plane.  No worrying about lost luggage.

So, friends, I’ve “pin there, done that,” and I give this pin an A+.

I hope travel week has given you some helpful tips for your own travels.  I’ll be back tomorrow to sum up each tip into one tidy post.

Until next time,