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We left off yesterday with the idea that I might be more productive with an atypical schedule.

Here is what that looks like:

~each week, list projects on the weekly calendar and pick one each day, delete from list when completed

~fill in my calendar with known commitments and then plan errands accordingly

~include all family members in morning and evening routines

~create responsibility chart for daughter and hold her accountable

~set aside a block of time for blogging and stick to it

~set aside time for Stella and Dot and stick to it

~as soon as money permits, hire a cleaning service

I’ve given myself a general framework to work within. I know that if I start my day on the computer, I will never get anything else done.  So, I need to set aside blogging time for midday.  I also know that I am far more productive when I hit the ground running which means chores will be relegated to the mornings.

Dividing the responsibilities amongst the family will keep me from feeling overwhelmed. It’s being overwhelmed that often leads to procrastination. With that said, I need to remember that my to-do lists should be reasonable.

You probably noticed that I added hiring a cleaning service to the list.  I love a clean house, but cleaning is the number one thing that I procrastinate.  As my home businesses demand more of my day, it will be even harder to keep up.  I’m okay with not being able to do it all.

If you’ve set a schedule and it isn’t working for you, reevaluate it.  Does it fit your lifestyle?  Is the to-do list reasonable?Does your schedule match your personality?  Are you getting help from family members or outside services?  Real Simple has some great tips to keep in mind when creating your schedule.  And Mom e O Magazine shares 10 must -read time management principles.  I hope you find these resources helpful.

I just want to leave you with this final thought: your value is not measured by your productivity.

Until next time,