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With Pinterest, Houzz, Pottery Barn Catalogs, Home Decor Magazines and Bloggers, the inspiration is endless!

How many of you find your mind just spinning with inspiration?  Better yet, how many of you feel that you have more inspiration than time?

That’s one of the reasons that I started Pin There, Done That.  As much as I love gathering ideas, it’s even more exciting to make it happen.

Today I want to share with you a strategy for bringing your vision to reality.  Break your project down into manageable tasks.

If you put “paint the kitchen cabinets” on your to-do list, you’re going to find that “to-do” being bumped to the next week, then the next week, to the week after that…

So, instead, let’s approach the project one step at a time.  For example:

Day 1: pick out paint color

Day 2: prep cabinets

Day 3: prime

Day 4: paint

My big task this week is to finish transforming the dresser into a media stand.

You may recall that I moved that dresser into the living room a few weeks ago.  This is the week that I’m going to finish that project!  Here’s my plan:

Monday–  Find the blogger who shared a similar project to get the step by step directions on replacing the drawers with a media shelf.

Tuesday– Measure the drawer space to determine size of wood needed for media shelf.

Wednesday– Stain or paint the shelf

Thursday– Install the shelf and media equipment

Friday– Take pictures and post completed project

Saturday– Sit back and relax 😉

Until next time,