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Sometimes I upload a picture only to notice a blanket on the floor, or cords and outlets cluttering the view.

clone effect, blogging tips, photo editing

A little touching up with the clone tool,

clone effect, photo editing, blogging tips

and the cords and outlets disappear.  I wish I could clean house this way. 😉

Have you used the clone feature?  It’s pretty simple to use, but it does take some patience.

photography, blogging tips, photo editing, clone tool, picmonkey

In Picmonkey, you can find the Clone feature under special effects which is the science beaker icon.  Once you click on Clone, a pop up box will appear with instructions to click on the area that you want to clone.

photography, special effects, editing, blogging tips, clone tool

This is where you need to pay attention to detail such as light, shadows, lines and the other objects in the picture.  Once you select the area to be cloned, use your mouse to  guide the white circle over the area that you are erasing.

photography, blogging tips, photo editing, clone tool, picmonkey

The green circle on the area that you selected to clone follows the movement of the white circle.  Be careful not to start cloning a flower onto tile, or a computer screen onto the desk for example.  When that starts to happen, click on “erase” and start again.  You many need to do this a few times before you’ve completely erased the unwanted scenery.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  I have a question:  how do you take clear pictures of screenshots?

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by Sharon Hines

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