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Women are natural nesters.  It only stands to reason that our feathers get a little ruffled at the idea of starting all over again…

home decorin this 1960’s house in Minnesota.

Minnesota?!  We can’t move to Minnesota!

living room, decor, home, curtains, french countryjust finished these curtains for our living room, here, in Texas.

And so, I pored over these photos day after day,

trying to imagine life in Minnesota; in this house.

bath, decor, pink, tile, home

finding inspiration for pink-tiled bathrooms

and imagining the kitchen with some french country flair.

vignette, sunflowers, chalkboard, buffet, decor, french country, home, kitchen

My mind raced with thoughts like,

Can I decorate with sunflowers in Minnesota?  Of course, I can.  And all the Minnesotans will think I’m such a talented decorator that they’ll want me to decorate for them. It will be the launch of a new career, and I’ll make so many new friends that way.  No, I won’t be lonely in this small Minnesota town, where I don’t know a soul.

I spent soooo much time decorating this house in my mind, that it was a little disappointing when our plans came to a halt.  Have you ever felt that way?

I occasionally wonder what life would be like if we had moved to Minnesota,

decor, kitchen, home, french country

but, last night at Fashion’s Night Out, I realized how much I LOVE city life.

 I’m so happy to keep feathering my nest right here in Texas.

Until next time,

by Sharon Hines


It was last January when we thought we were moving.  We do not plan on moving any time soon.