I provide services in home decor and home organization in the local area.   If you live in the Spring/Woodlands area, I’d love to help you with your next project!  My goal is not only to help you make your space beautiful and organized, but to equip you with the skills and confidence to maintain what we’ve created.  If you would like to request a consultation, please contact me  at

During our initial consultation, I will come to your home  to learn more about your style and what you want for your space.  Together, we will create a plan to help you realize your vision.  You can implement the plan on your own, or hire me to help you carry it out.

If you should choose to hire me, you will receive a $25 credit towards the three hour minimum charge.

My services are offered at $25 per hour  with a three hour minimum charge for labor.  The cost of materials will be based on your budget.  My specialty is making a big impact on a small budget.

My services include:

~paint color recommendations

~restyling your room using your current furnishings and accessories

~arranging your home in a practical, functional way to suit your  everyday lifestyle

~ retail and/or thrift shopping for home decor and accessories

~ home organization

~furniture and accessory suggestions

Feel free to pick and choose which services work best for your needs.  Together, we will create a warm and comfortable home  for you and your family to enjoy.  I look forward to working with you.



Thank you for visiting me today. I love hearing from you! Please leave a comment on your way out.

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